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Ioline Design Training Videos

Basic Design Tools and Processes

See demonstrations of the Basic Design Features of the Ioline Design software. Key skills reviewed include adding text and shapes to a design, letter spacing and fit to an arc, exporting Ioline Design files to CrystalPress, and adding rhinestones in CrystalStudio.

CrystalPress Features

Review of Ioline Design features specifically for the CrystalPress. Learn about line fonts, adding rhinestones to a design, making color layers, and garment preview PDFs for customer approval.

Art & Color Selection

This video shows how to use Ioline Design tools to create multi-colored Rhinestone transfers from the included clip art library. Exporting the design into CrystalStudio is also covered.

Basic Vector Outlining

See the steps for outlining a bitmap image like a JPEG or PNG file to make it a vector design compatible with the Ioline CrystalPress. Uses new features available in Ioline Design II.

Centerline Tracing

This video demonstrates how to centerline trace designs and fonts to create single line objects compatible with Rhinestone transfers. Also learn how to fine tune raw traces and export the design into CrystalStudio.

Using Bitmaps as Guides

Learn how to use a bitmap as a guide to create a vector design compatible with Rhinestone transfers created on the CrystalPress. Setting up guide lines, node editing, and other intermediate drawing tools are also included in this video.

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