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Download Windows drivers

  • Ioline does not write generic Windows drivers. Most sign-making software includes the necessary drivers to connect an Ioline plotter to your computer. If your design software does not come with its own drivers, there are other ways to send the design to the plotter.

    For example many of the sign-making software companies, such as Scanvec-Amiable®, and others, have products that can import files from popular graphic applications such as CorelDRAW!®, FreeHand®, Adobe Illustrator®, and other graphics programs. These products are generally much less expensive than a full sign making software package. Contact the software manufacturers for futher information.

    An HP/GL driver called Winline Plus is also being used with various Windows® programs. For information on this driver, please contact the following companies:
  • Winline Plus HP/GL Drivers
    Software Mechanics® Pty Ltd.
    38 Railway Tce Brisbane
    Brisbane QLD 4064 Australia
    Sales: 61-7-3371-9499
    Fax: 61-7-3870-4732