28, 28M, 28P, 600, 600M and 600P Support

28, 28M, 28P, 600, 600M and 600P Support

m-600 Printer
Legacy Product · No Longer Active

Tech Bulletins

M-28 M-600-Anti-Static String Installation
File: M-28_M-600-Anti-Static_String_Installation.pdf
M-28 M-600-Back Bar Adjustment
File: M-28_M-600-Back_Bar_Adjustment.pdf
M-28 M-600-Dimensional Calibration
File: M-28_M-600-Dimensional_Calibration.pdf
M-28 M-600-DMPL Commands
File: M-28_M-600-DMPL_Commands.pdf
M-28 M-600-Long Plot Driver-Autocad12
File: M-28_M-600-Long_Plot_Driver-Autocad12.pdf
M-28 M-600-Paper Jam
File: M-28_M-600-Paper_Jam.pdf
M-28 M-600-Plotter Port Test
File: M-28_M-600-Plotter_Port_Test.pdf
M-28 M-600-Replacing Wheel On Pinch Wheel Assy
File: M-28_M-600-Replacing_Wheel_On_Pinch_Wheel_Assy.pdf
M-28 M-600-Ribbon Cable Sleeve Installation
File: M-28_M-600-Ribbon_Cable_Sleeve_Installation.pdf
M-28 M-600-Sensor Adjustment
File: M-28_M-600-Sensor_Adjustment.pdf
M-28 M-600-Sensor Replacement-Long To Short
File: M-28_M-600-Sensor_Replacement-Long_To_Short.pdf
M-28 M-600-Square Shaft Adjustment
File: M-28_M-600-Square_Shaft_Adjustment.pdf
M-28 M-600-Troubleshooting Error Conditions
File: M-28_M-600-Troubleshooting_Error_Conditions.pdf
M-28 M-600-Y Axis Transmission Replacement
File: M-28_M-600-Y_Axis_Transmission_Replacement.pdf
FlexPlot Setup with Legacy Products
FlexPlot settings for legacy Ioline pen plotters and cutters.
File: 109342R00_FlexPlot_plotter-cutter_setup.pdf
Plotting pens
The plotter uses any pen (ball-point, felt or fiber tip) with barrel size between .95 cm (3/8 in) and 2.22cm (7/8 in) diameter. Most disposable pens purchased from office supply stores work fine. Ioline stocks a long life plotting pen that fits most pen plotters and includes a locating flange to ensure proper tip distance from the paper. Visit the Ioline eCommerce website for purchase information.
Ioline Syntax Guide 2008
Comprehensive list of all Ioline syntax commands for developers writing drivers for Ioline machines (except CrystalPress).
File: Ioline_Syntax_Manual_2008.pdf
Official HPGL Language Guide (1996)
The official HP/GL language guide from Hewlett Packard, last published in 1996. Contains the complete language description although only a subset of the language is supported by Ioline (see the Ioline Syntax Guide above for details). [ref link]
File: HPGL2-RTL_ReferenceGuide_5961-3526_540pages_Sep96.pdf
Ioline HP/GL Driver Guide
Guide to help developers write drivers to output HPGL formatted vector images for Ioline machines.
File: ioHPGLguide.pdf
Upgrading Ioline Firmware
Directions for updating firmware in Ioline machines made after the late 1990s.
File: inst_firmware.pdf
Terminal Communication w/ Ioline Equipment
Directions for setting up and using a terminal program to communicate with Ioline machines.
File: terminal_comm.pdf
Power Entry Module Old vs. New
Visual guide to power entry wiring layout differences 1995-present.
File: Power_Entry_Module-Old_vs_New.pdf


28 & 600 User Guide
(Including models A, H, P & M)
File: 600-28_ahpm_ug_r2.pdf
Revision: 2
Posted: September 8, 1999
Size: 416 kb
28 & 600 Service Manual Revision 0
File: 600_28_series_sm.pdf
Revision: 0
Posted: December 14, 2000
Size: 4 MB
FlexPlot User Guide
Installation & directions for using FlexPlot software.
File: Ioline_FlexPlot_User_Guide.pdf
Revision: 4
Posted: 2008.05.09
Size: 900 KB


FlexPlot Software Release 5.2
Queue and file management system for FlexJet and StudioJet Printers and 600Ae, 600AeX, and 28Ae plotters. Replaced 601 software.
File: flexplot_setup_full.exe
Revision: 5.2
OS: Microsoft Windows® (x32 and x64): Win 7, Win 8.1 and Win 10
Posted: 2015.11.16
Size: 23 MB
Release Notes: What’s New list
ReadMe: Ioline recommends updating printer firmware to version 770.0 or later. Please contact Ioline Customer Service to obtain the version compatible with your machine.
Installation: Copy the file to the PC. Double-click on the file and follow the on-screen instructions. Running the installer might display a warning if previous versions are installed. Remove all previous versions before installing this version.
FlexPlot Software Release 4 (previous version)
Queue and file management system for FlexJet, 600Ae, 600AeX, 28Ae and StudioJet plotter
File: flexplot_r4.exe
Revision: 4
OS: Windows® 2000, XP, Vista (32-bit Editions)
Posted: 2007.11.28
Size: 2 MB
ReadMe: Ioline recommends updating printer firmware to version 770.0 or later. Please contact Ioline Customer Service to obtain the version compatible with your machine.
Installation: Copy the file to the PC. Double-click on the file and follow the on-screen instructions. Running the installer replaces the existing installed FlexPlot version.
Legacy Utility Software
Many software applications for unsupported Ioline equipment, including past versions of the Control Center, are available in the Legacy Software section of the support website.


Sensor adjustment
    1. Remove the carriage cover. (See Fig. 1)
    2. Put a pen in the carriage and turn the machine on. Make sure there is paper in the plotter.
    3. Move the carriage over aproximately 12 inches.
    4. Set the Force on the plotter keypad to 1:00.
    5. Hit the Sensor Test button. The pen will draw two lines (See Fig. 2).
    6. Each time the sensor passes over the marks, you should hear a beep. If you hear a beep every time, the sensor is already adjusted. If there is NO beep, proceed to Step 7.
    7. Locate the sensor screw (See Fig. 1). While the test is still running, loosen the screw so the sensor can be moved up and down.
    8. Move the sensor up or down until you hear the beep. The light emitting from the sensor onto the paper should look like the drawing in Fig 3.

If you have performed this test and still can’t hear the beep, It is possible that the beeper on the logic board has failed. To verify this, run a marker plot to see if the sensor reads the mark for a frame advance. If it still doesn’t read, contact Ioline Customer Service.

Model P-600 carriage

Back bar adjustment
Note: Before starting, make sure both back bar bolts are tight. Pinch wheel placement is also crucial. Follow the directions in the operation manual for pinch wheel placement.

  1. Loosen the left side back bar bolt, center the bolt in the slotted hole, and re-tighten.
  2. Run the Sqwave.plt plot. (If you don’t have this file, run a marker plot or contact Ioline Customer Service
  3. At the frame line, take notice of what direction the frame is moving (Fig. 1).
  4. On the left rear side of the machine, tighten the thumbscrew against the back bar, and loosen the bolt that holds the bar. (Note: loosen the left side bolt ONLY).
  5. If the frame is moving to the right, turn the thumb screw clockwise one turn, and tighten the bar bolt. If the frame is moving to the left, turn the thumb screw counter-clockwise one turn, and tighten the bar bolt.
  6. Run a marker plot. If the frame is still moving, repeat Steps 3 and 4 until the frames line up.

    Frame gap on the P-600.

Note: You may have to run a few frames, to allow the paper to align itself.

Adjustment of the traverse and square shaft
  1. Remove the left end cover.
  2. Remove the four screws that hold the traverse to the end plate (Fig 1). Make sure and hold the traverse so that it doesn’t fall on the platen.
  3. Replace screw #4, but do not tighten.
  4. Put in screw #3 while holding the traverse up as far as it will go. Tighten screws 3 & 4.
  5. Put in the rest of the screws, and tighten.
  6. Walk around to the front of the machine and check the gap between the traverse and square shaft. The gap should be even all the way across.

    Traverse screw locations on the P-600.

    The gap on the traverse on the P-600 should be even all around.