Ioline 100 System Support

100 System Support

Ioline 100 System Roll-Fed Heat Transfer Cutter


Follow these steps to install software for your 100 System cutter

Step One:

Install USB drivers by downloading the installation program and running it. Answer ‘yes’ or ‘OK’ to any security prompts.

Step Two:

Install the 101 Software by downloading the installation file and running it. Answer ‘yes’ or ‘OK’ to any security prompts.

Final Step:

Continue following the steps in the Ioline Quick Start Guide that was included with your machine. Visit the Manuals tab on this page to find the PDF User and Quick Start Guides and software manuals for your equipment. The Downloads tab includes the software listed above and other tools for your machine for later reference.

Tech Bulletins

Maintenance and Repair

Y-axis timing belt replacement
File: Smartrac_100_Contour-Y_timing_belt_replacement.pdf
Cutting Head Carriage Replacement
File: Smartrac_100_Contour-Carriage_Replacement.pdf
Cutting Strip Replacement
File: Smartrac_100_Contour-Cutting_Strip_Installation-Ioline.pdf
Dimensional Calibration
File: Smartrac_100_Contour-Dimensional_Calibration.pdf
Drive Shaft Assembly Replacement
File: Smartrac_100_Contour-Drive_Shaft_Assembly_Replacement.pdf
Plotter Port Test
File: Smartrac_100_Contour-Plotter_Port_Test.pdf
How to replace rubber wheel
File: Smartrac_100_Contour-Replacing_Wheel_On_Pinch_Wheel_Assy.pdf
White Flat Ribbon Cable replacement
File: Smartrac_100_Contour-Ribbon_Cable_Replacement.pdf
How to set up blade inside blade holder
File: Smartrac_100_Contour-Setting_up_an_Ioline_blade_holder.pdf
How to replace pinch wheel assembly
File: Smartrac_100_Contour-Replace_a_pinch_wheel_assy.pdf
How to replace Y-axis drive belt
File: Smartrac_100_Contour-Y_drive_belt_replacement.pdf
How to replace main logic board
File: Smartrac_100_Contour-Logic_Board_Replacement.pdf
Remove Keypad Filter Procedure
File: 111036_Remove_Keypad_Filter_Procedure.pdf
SmarTrac and 100 System with Cradle – Repacking Guide in Original Box
SmarTrac and 100 System with Stand – Repacking Guide in Original Box
SmarTrac and 100 System Ribbon Cable Replacement
SmarTrac Carriage Upgrade
Install Cutter Keypad – I/S, 300, 350HF Only
Rebuild Carriage Transmission with Existing Motor (Y Axis)
Replace Carriage Transmission (Y Axis)
Install Casters on a Stand
Replace Carriage Flexures – I/S, CrystalPress Only
Swapping Carriage and Paper Motors for Testing – I/S, 300, 350HF Only
Upgrading a Power Supply
Install the Universal Power Supply
Install Driveshaft – I/S, CrystalPress Only
Replace Driveshaft Belt (X Axis)
Replace Carriage Transmission Motor (Y Axis)
Replace Carriage Transmission Belt (Y Axis)
Replace Carriage Belt (Y Axis)
Remove End Covers
Remove Bottom Cover
Replace Rear Power and Communication Panel – I/S, 300, 350HF Only
Replace USB/Serial Logic Board in Rear Panel
File: 109586R01_Replace_USB_PCB.pdf

Software Tips

How to Plot from Adobe Illustrator
File: Adobe_Illustrator-DXF_Export.pdf
How to Plot from CorelDraw™
File: CorelDraw-Export_to_Ioline_software.pdf

Technical Documentation

Ioline Syntax Guide 2008
Comprehensive list of all Ioline syntax commands for developers writing drivers for Ioline machines (except CrystalPress).
File: Ioline_Syntax_Manual_2008.pdf
Official HPGL Language Guide (1996)
The official HP/GL language guide from Hewlett Packard, last published in 1996. Contains the complete language description although only a subset of the language is supported by Ioline (see the Ioline Syntax Guide above for details). [ref link]
File: HPGL2-RTL_ReferenceGuide_5961-3526_540pages_Sep96.pdf
Ioline HP/GL Driver Guide
Guide to help developers write drivers to output HPGL formatted vector images for Ioline machines.
File: ioHPGLguide.pdf
Upgrading Ioline Firmware
Directions for updating firmware in Ioline machines made after the late 1990s.
File: inst_firmware.pdf
Terminal Communication w/ Ioline Equipment
Directions for setting up and using a terminal program to communicate with Ioline machines.
File: terminal_comm.pdf
Power Entry Module Old vs. New
Visual guide to power entry wiring layout differences 1995-present.
File: Power_Entry_Module-Old_vs_New.pdf

Compliance and Environment

Ioline ROHS Statement
Official statement of ROHS compliance for Ioline products.
File: Ioline_RoHS_Complaince_Statement_2014.pdf
Ioline REACH Statement
Official statement of REACH compliance for Ioline products.
File: Ioline_REACH_Compliance_2020.pdf
Recycle Ioline Components
The Ioline Recycle website offers options for safely and properly recycling obsolete or damaged components.


100 System & SmarTrac Quick Start Guide
Assembly and setup directions for the Ioline 100 cutter.
Adobe Acrobat is required to view this PDF document.
File: smartrac_qsg_r6.pdf
Version: 6
Posted: 2019.09.10
Size: 4.4 MB
100 System & SmarTrac User Guide
File: smartrac_ug_r5.pdf
Revision: 5
Posted: 2011.02.11
Size: 2.5 MB
101 Software User Guide
File: 101_ug_r1.pdf
Revision: 0
Posted: 2015.11.16
Size: 900 KB
100 System & SmarTrac Service Manual
File: ioline_is_service_manual.pdf
Revision: 0
Posted: 2005.11.07
Size: 5.9 MB


Vector vs Raster
Understand the basics of vector and raster graphics, and the process of scanning and digitizing images for decorated apparel.
File: vector_v_raster.pdf
CorelDraw™ page Orientation
Learn how CorelDraw and similar programs orient designs relative to how they are processed by Ioline machines.
File: Software-CorelDraw_Page_Orientation.pdf
Contour graphics with CorelDRAW!®
Lesson on how to make contour graphics for the 300 System using CorelDRAW!® that also applies to other machines.
File: contour_cuts.pdf
CorelDraw™ Node Reduction Tutorial
Fix designs that cut very slowly due to many small vectors in design outlines.
File: CorelDraw-Node_Reduction.pdf
CorelDraw™ Single/Stroke Line Fonts
Learn about making and using single line/stroke fonts in CorelDRAW!®
File: CorelDraw-Single_Line_Fonts.pdf

Using Design Software with Ioline Products

Export from Illustrator

How to export from Illustrator (CS2 and higher) to open in Ioline software.

Export from CorelDraw

How to export from CorelDraw (Any Version) to open in Ioline Software.

Hand Trace a bitmap in CorelDraw

How to hand-trace a bitmap in CorelDraw using the Bezier Curve Tool.


101 Software
Production and queue management software for 100 System and SmarTrac I/S cutters. Replaced IQ Plot software.
Download: 101_setup_full.exe
Latest Version: 4.1
Posted: 2015.12.16
Size: 23.5 MB
OS: Microsoft Windows® (x32 and x64): Win 7, Win 8.1 and Win 10
Release Notes: What’s New list
To install: Download the installation file (above) on to the PC connected to the Ioline machine. Run the installation file by double clicking on it. Answer ‘yes/OK’ to security warnings and follow the steps presented by the installation program. When finished, ensure the Ioline machine is powered on with a green light and test the software.
Control Center Software
Interface for adjusting plotter parameters for the 600Ae, 600AeX, 28Ae, Stylist Ae, Studio A, 200, 300, 350HF, 100, SmarTrac I/S, SmarTrac Contour, and CrystalPress.
Download: windowsCC_setup_full.exe
Latest Version: 16
Posted: 2015.11.16
Size: 24 MB
OS: Microsoft Windows® (x32 and x64): Win 7, Win 8.1 and Win 10
Release Notes: What’s New list
To install: Running the installer might display a warning if much older previous versions are installed. Remove all previous versions before installing this version. The equipment User Guide has directions for using the Control Center.
Previous Version: If the new Control Center fails to connect, please download and install the previous version 12.4.
Please contact Ioline Customer Service to obtain the latest firmware for your plotter.
USB Drivers
For the Ioline 100, 300, 350HF, FlexJet E, StudioJet, 600Ae, SmarTrac I/S & Contour, and CrystalPress equipped with a USB port.
Only for equipment manufactured on or after January 1, 2008
Download: CDM21228_Setup.exe
Latest Version: 2.12.28 (need to check your current version?)
Posted: 2018.05.02
Size: 2.4 MB
OS: Microsoft Windows® (x32 and x64): Win 7, Win 8.1 and Win 10
Read Me: On most Windows based computers, Ioline USB drivers will upgrade automatically through the Windows Update service. Use the file shown above to manually update the USB drivers if desired. Please refer to the USB Installation Guide for more information.
NOTE: If an error appears about “elevation”, run the file by right-clicking on it and choosing “Run as Administrator” instead of left-double-clicking on it.
Install: Download the driver file to the computer that is/will connect to the machine. Power off any connected Ioline machines then install the drivers by double clicking on the downloaded file. Once installation is complete, reboot the computer then connect and power on Ioline equipment to start using the new driver. Windows may go through a ‘New Driver Found’ installation process which is normal.
Firmware upgrades
Please contact Ioline Customer Service to obtain the latest 100 System Firmware upgrade information.


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