Ioline FlexJet EX-II 2.2m Industrial Inkjet Printer

Ioline FlexJet™ EX-II industrial wide-format inkjet printer


Up to 92% lower ink cost

#1 Highest Customer Rated Plotter

If you need to create intricate or highly-annotated markers, there is no faster or more economical inkjet printer than the Ioline FlexJet™ EX-II.

The Ioline FlexJet™ has the lowest operational cost and highest throughput of any garment plotter in its class and supports paper widths 1.3m (50”) up to 2.2m (86”).

Because the speed of the Ioline FlexJet apparel plotter is unaffected by plot density, it increases productivity and lowers the cost of producing industrial wide format inkjet printers. Intimate apparel, gloves, even markers for children’s clothing output at speeds up to 210 m^2 (252 sq. yd.) per hour at 300 or 600 dpi.

The Ioline FlexJet is the only industrial marker printer made in the USA.

Ioline FlexJet EX-II™ vs. Other Brands

  IOLINE FlexJet E Spanish Inkjet Italian Inkjet
Production Origin USA. All industrial grade USA parts Assembled in Czech with economical Czech and Chinese parts Assembled in Italy with economical Chinese parts in most models
Speed Comparison Fastest One grade slower Two grades slower
4-head Speed (m^2) 210 150 110-130
3-head Speed (m^2) 158 None None
2-head Speed (m^2) 105 70 70
Major Components All metal and alloy Major mechanical components are plastic Plastic and some metal
Motors (Ink, Paper, and Take-up System) USA industrial grade motors Chinese low duty service life Chinese low duty service life
Paper Roll-up Capability All metal heavy duty paper take-up system rolls up to 500 meter Plastic paper take-up components for short print jobs only Plastic and some metal
Print Head Components Industrial grade heavy duty cable with multi-strand high flex alloy wire in low friction cover. Gold plated connectors Economical single strand wire flex cable for low duty service life Economical single strand wire flex cable for low duty service life

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Ioline FlexJet™ EX-II Features

Built for a competitive marketplace, the Ioline FlexJet™ EX-II high-speed inkjet printer has the lowest operational cost and highest throughput of any plotter in its class.

Fastest throughput
Compare to other brands

  • Plots more square meters / hour.
  • No loss of speed in Best print-quality mode.
  • Prints highly detailed or annotated markers with no degradation in speed.
FlexJet™ EX-II
Throughput per hour by model
Model Metric English
43 sq m
105 sq m
155 sq m
210 sq m
52 sq yd
126 sq yd
185 sq yd
252 sq yd

Investment protection

  • Choose from four models based on your throughput needs.
  • Buy the throughput you need now, upgrade speed as your needs change. No need to replace the plotter.
50EX 105 sq m
(126 sq yd)
155 sq m
(185 sq yd)
210 sq m
(252 sq yd)
125EX   155 sq m
(185 sq yd)
210 sq m
(252 sq yd)
190EX     210 sq m
(252 sq yd)
250EX — Upgrade kit not available —
Best print quality

Highest resolution in the industry

  • Other inkjets feature adjustable line density to control ink usage. But if the plots aren’t legible, waste piles up. Print resolution is critical for controlling costs.
  • The FlexJet EX-II™ features superior output quality to minimize waste.
  • Resolution: 600 d.p.i. Best mode; 300 d.p.i. Draft mode.
  • Three line thickness settings to help manage ink costs.
Unattended overnight printing

Print on a variety of media

  • Plot to a full 2.18 m (86 in) width.
  • Paper type: from recycled to bond.
  • Use the take-up roll to automatically collect markers or print the the floor.
Lowest ink cost

Uses widely available HP® ink cartridges

  • Purchase replacement cartridges at off-the-shelf prices.
  • No wait for delivery of proprietary ink.
  • Costs only $0.29 (USD) / 100 square yards—compared to over $3.00 (USD) for other inkjet brands.
  • Convenient workflow: pause your marker, pop in a new cartridge, and resume plotting.
  • Choice of six line quality settings for additional cost control: Thin, normal or thick lines in Best or Draft mode.
Smart ink management

Save time & money on costly technicians

  • Cartridges take only seconds to replace—no need to pump nor prime the system.
  • Automated cleaning system helps assure rapid start-up and continued high-quality output with no wasted ink.
  • Integrated print head in each cartridge makes replacement a snap—saving thousands of $$ dollars in service fees and parts.
Time-saving design

Maximize output

  • Ergonomic, front-floor paper loading—only one operator required.
  • Intuitive keyboard-make rapid adjustments at the press of a button; no buried LCD menus.
  • Convenient, on-screen adjustment for complex plotter settings.
  • Rapid ink cartridge replacement.
  • Save common plotter settings for future quick access.
Low maintenance

Reliable, hassle-free plotting

  • Maintaining the FlexJet EX-II is as easy as keeping it clean. Wipe paper dust off the traverse and brush the drive shaft from time to time.
  • Low-friction carriage design, encapsulated paper encoder and self-contained servo motor help maintain accurate tracking and eliminate periodic maintenance and service calls.
  • Metal gears and precision bearings resist wear and tear; 95% U.S.A. parts content.
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. to exacting engineering specifications.
Production management

Free tools included with the FlexJet EX-II™

  • FlexPlot Software: Attend to other tasks while you plot. The FlexPlot file and queue management system reads virtually any apparel software format and puts setup, diagnostic and message status tools at your fingertips.
  • FlexJet Control Center: view and adjust file size, scale jobs, perform diagnostic tests and store quick access settings.
Space conscious

Space-saving, ergonomic design

  • Light-weight, modular design makes installation possible when the system must be carried up or down stairs.
  • Take-up roll positioned at waist height for safer off-loading.
  • Front-floor load minimizes space requirements and permits you to place the plotter against a wall.
Economical to operate

Reliability you can count on

  • Save on maintenance and operating costs over the life of the plotter.
  • The FlexJet EX-II is engineered for minimal downtime—not recurring service—and is easy to maintain in-house.
  • No required service contracts.
  • Lifetime free support.
Compatible with major CAD software

Flexible, open-architecture design

  • Choose partners based on their merits rather than what software they use.
  • Import from or export to a variety of file formats.
  • Works with a wide variety of CAD systems:

    Assyst® / cad. assyst®
    Audaces Fashion Technology®
    AutoDesk® / AutoCAD®
    Gerber® / Accumark®
    Gerber® / Micro Mark®
    Gerber® / Microdynamics®
    Investronica® / Invesmark Futura®
    Lectra® / DiaminoFashion®
    Lectra® / MGS®
    PAD® / Master Marker®
    Polygon® / PolyNest®
    Polytropon® / PolyPattern®
    Vetigraph® / Optimum®
    … and others

Spec Sheet

FlexJet™ EX-II Specifications

FlexJet™ EX-II   Metric English
(by Model)
43 sq m/hr
105 sq m/hr
155 sq m/hr
210 sq m/hr
52 sq yd/hr
126 sq yd/hr
185 sq yd/hr
252 sq yd/hr
Max. plotting width   2.18 m 86 in
Paper   27# recycled to 35# bond paper
Paper width min:

1.2 m*
2.18 m

*Automatic take-up of paper less than 1.27 m wide requires optional flanges and cannot exceed 183 m

47 in*
86 in

*Automatic take-up of paper less than 50″ wide requires optional flanges and cannot exceed 200 yds

Marker length   320 m
350 yd
Max. media take-up   320 m 350 yd
Feed roll position   Front floor-loading
Paper take-up roll position   Ergonomic waist-level off-loading from front
Front button control   Start Position, Take-up Roll/Unroll, Line Quality, Pause
Line thickness   Thin, normal, thick
Resolution Best:
600 dpi
300 dpi
Ink cartridges   Off-the-shelf
HP 51645A (45A) cartridges
PC interface   USB 2.0 / Serial port (RS-232)
Protocol   HPGL, DM/PL
Languages   ASTM,DM/PL, DXF, HPGL, HP-GL/2, MicroJet® STD
Power requirements   85-260 VAC, <0.2 KVA, Single phase, 47–440 Hz
Humidity   Non-condensing
Power requirements   85-260 VAC, <0.2 KVA, Single phase, 47–440 Hz
Floor space requirements   2.7 m x .7 m 106 in x 26 in
Height   1.2 m 45 in
Width   2.7 m 106 in
Depth   .7 m 26 in
Weight Gross:
133 kg
80 kg
293 lbs
176 lbs
Warranty   1-year parts and labor


Included applications FlexPlot Software & FlexJet Control Center
Operating system Windows® 7, 8.1, or 10
  • Assyst® (cad.assyst®)
  • AutoDesk® (AutoCAD®)
  • Gerber® (Accumark®, Micro Mark®, Microdynamics®)
  • Investronica® (Invesmark Futura®)
  • Lectra®
  • Optitex®
  • PAD
  • Polygon
  • Polytropon (PolyPattern)
  • Vetigraph® (Optimum®)
  • … and others
File management
  • Import files
  • Scale markers
  • Adjust line quality (print resolution) and line width
  • Automatic queue management



Products for the Ioline FlexJet family of wide format monochrome inkjet printers.


In their own words

Manufacturers discuss the benefits of the FlexJet’s open-architecture, speed, low operating and ink costs, and Ioline’s superior service when compared to their personal experiences with other brands.

We are loving our Ioline still and I would love to share our experience.

Los Angeles, CA   

Fast, quick service, inexpensive to maintain, less than half the ink cost of my Microjet®, easy access to change ink cartridges.

Montréal, Québec   

The FlexJet E™ is the best imported marker inkjet.

Guangzhou, China   

I switched from Algotex® to Ioline and was amazed at the difference. No more having to order special ink or wait for parts or service.

Los Angeles, Calif.   

Plotted over a million yards on the FlexJet requiring zero service expense. Print quality, speed and operating cost better than Gerber. Gerber maintenance cost $225 per month and the paper advance is slow.

Dallas, Texas   

I have always loved my Ioline plotters, they are great machines and have given us next to no trouble. I am one of the biggest PAD users in NZ so my big plotter goes constantly non stop every day.

Morrinsville, New Zealand   

The FlexJet E™ technology opened a new frontier to the inkjet industry. It is the most reliable and simple inkjet machine I have seen. The running costs are the lowest in the inkjet technology and accessible to any company. The availability of the ink—HP® cartridges—is all over the world.

Mexico D.F., Mexico   

I was extremely disappointed with my first inkjet brand purchase. The Ioline FlexJet E™ is like night and day. There’s no comparison. The return on investment is tremendous.

Medellin, Colombia   

No other plotter offers this combination of features, speed, reliability and operating costs.

Dallas, Texas   

I replaced my Gerber® plotter with an Ioline FlexJet E™ 2-head. Now, I have no more overnight plotting. Plotting has never been easier.

Los Angeles, Calif.   

I’d like to do my congratulations to your company for the packaging and the absolute precision of the documentation and the parts located inside.

Dalmine, Italy   

I’ve worked on Gerber® units for 15 years and have never seen a plotter more reliable or easier to use than the Ioline FlexJet E™.

Los Angeles, Calif.   

We are having minimal, to no problems, with the Ioline plotters. Ink usage is less than our expenditure with the Algotex plotters. Speed is very good. We are very satisfied with our purchase. No other plotter compares to Ioline.

Uvalde, TX