Ioline Financing

LEASE-TO-OWN your Ioline equipment for as little as $150/month!*

Several Ioline partners offer plotting and cutting machine financing on qualified purchases. Contact our Sales team for more information.

Why Lease-To-Own?

Ioline financing puts the needed equipment to work for you without major capital investment and with substantial cash flow advantages.

  • SMALL INITIAL INVESTMENT – Limited cash required to start or grow your business.
  • CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT – Low monthly payments keep cash in the business.
  • EASY – Less documentation than a bank with an easy one-page application!.
  • FLEXIBILITY – 100% financing of the invoice.
  • START-UP BUSINESS – Offering lease-to-own to new businesses.
  • CUSTOMIZED PAYMENT STRUCTURES – Flexible payment structures such as no payments for 90 days, no money upfront, annual or skip payments, and first 3 payments at $99.*
  • NO BLANKET LIEN – Only the leased equipment is used as collateral. Your personal and business assets remain protected.
  • TAX ADVANTAGES** – Lease payments are usually considered a pre-tax business expense and can often reduce taxes. Equipment leases qualify for the Section 179 deduction.**
  • FIXED PAYMENTS – Unlike financing with your line of credit, lease payments are fixed. No matter what happens with the market in the future, your lease terms are locked in.
  • LINES OF CREDIT REMAIN PROTECTED – Leasing does not impact your credit lines with your bank. Your borrowing power can be reserved for other business needs.
  • COMPETITIVE EDGE – Leasing provides the advantage of using tomorrow’s technology today!

*Subject to credit approval. Programs subject to change.
**Consult your tax advisor to see how equipment leasing affects your tax situation.