SmarTrac I/S

Ioline SmarTrac I/S vinyl sign cutter


The industry’s most reliable sign cutter.
Versatile. Durable. Made in the USA.

The Ioline SmarTrac Roll Fed Sign and Graphics Cutter cuts a variety of roll-fed media with excellent tracking accuracy. Use it to create banners, stencils, vinyl decals, signs, banners, vehicle graphics and more. You can even use it for specialty tasks like pounce patterns, sandblast masks, stencils, and large-format paper drawings.

What’s the effect on your business if your sign cutter goes down?

There’s a reason Signs of the Times Magazine calls the Ioline SmarTrac a “workhorse” sign cutter.

Ioline is the only sign cutter brand designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Unlike foreign-made computerized stencil machines that use plastic parts and require frequent maintenance or repair, the SmarTrac I/S outperforms on the reliability scale. Engineered as a profit-builder, with wear-resistant metal parts and a nearly maintenance-free design, the SmarTrac I/S is made for high-performance output.

The Ioline SmarTrac Roll Fed Sign and Graphics Cutter’s adjustable media-feed system and proprietary drive shaft technology accurately track graphics on media as thin as paper to materials as thick as sandblast mask. With 500 grams of downforce this vinyl cutting machine makes clean, smooth cuts on heat-transfer material, vinyl and a wide variety of other materials.


Quite simply, a production powerhouse
Fast. Accurate. Reliable.

The Ioline SmarTrac I/S system is a high-performance sign cutter designed to handle heavy workloads and a variety of jobs ranging from vinyl signs to pouncing and sandblast mask. Featuring Ioline’s signature SmarTrac™ technology and a more powerful servo motor than other brands, the SmarTrac ensures accurate tracking and continual operation. A high-speed processor and 1 megabyte buffer give the SmarTrac the power to blaze through even complex files.

Cuts a wide variety of materials
The SmarTrac cuts roll-fed materials as small as 7 inches on up to a full 25 inches in width.

  • 3M® reflectives
  • Gorilla Grip®
  • Heat-transfer film: Thermo-FILM®, Thermo-FLOCK®, Thermo-GRIP®
  • Holographics
  • Vinyl: sign, marine grade, calendar, high-performance
  • Window-tinting film
Media & cutting widths
  • Min. media width: 3.0 in (7.5 cm)
  • Max. media width: 28 in (71 cm)
  • Max. cutting width: 25 in (63.5 cm)
High hourly throughput
  • 3-inch letters: 1,145 pieces / hour.
  • 42 seconds / inch.
Accurate tracking

First introduced in 1998, Ioline’s SmarTrac™ technology set a new performance benchmark in the industry.

  • Specially engineered parallel-pin driveshaft with a proprietary tread pattern provides a powerful grip on all types of media.
Intuitive keypad
  • No nested LCD menus to slow you down.
  • Allows faster setup every time.
  • Test-cut button for rapid blade adustment. Slip in a new type of material, check the blade depth and go.
  • On-the-fly adjustment of force, speed and downforce. No pausing necessary. No LED menu. Just turn the dial.
  • Convenient Repeat Plot button
  • Start/Stop button lets you pause a job for inspection, then resume cutting where you left off.
Excellent tracking on different types of materials.
  • Reposition pinchwheels to hold scrap material in place.
  • Blade cuts in front of the wheels, permitting you to use remnants as small as 7 inches (17.8 cm) wide.
Handy tool tray
Keep accessories organized.

  • Grooved cover provides easy access to pens and tools.
Built-in cutting guide
  • Integrated slot below platen makes it easy to squarely trim jobs when cutting is complete.
Multi-tool jaw

Expand your design potential.

  • Simple adjustable screw makes it easy to change blades, tools and pens up to 7/8 inch in diameter.
  • Neon-pattern plot with off-the-shelf markers.
  • Check plot with standard ball point pens.
  • Use banner markers to fill in letters (software dependent).
  • Requirements: A PC running Windows® 7, 8.1 or 10.
  • Connectivity: Plugs into a PC just like an office printer-via serial or USB port.
Design software compatibility
  • Adobe Illustrator®
  • CoCut®
  • CorelDraw!®
  • EasySIGN®
  • FlexiSign®
  • Signlab®
  • Signwizard®
Graphical control center
  • View and adjust file size, scale jobs, perform diagnostic tests and store quick access settings.
101 Software
  • Import and Queue files from CorelDRAW!® and other programs
  • Accepts .PLT and .DXF files
  • Set maximum number of copies
  • Cut layers separately
The Ioline SmarTrac is compact and fits in small spaces. Place on a tabletop or the optional stand.

  • 14 in deep x 43 in wide (36 cm x 109 cm)
  • Blades: Durable, American made, carbon-tip blades assure clean cuts and smooth curves. Blade depth adjusts to handle materials of varying thicknesses.
  • Pens: Just about any office marker or ballpoint pen with a diameter up to 7/8 in (22.5 mm).
No periodic maintenance
There’s relatively little to maintain on the SmarTrac.

  • Lubrication: No oiling or grease required. Simply wipe dust and lint off the machine periodically.
  • Blades: Use an air gun to remove lint build-up around the blade.

Spec Sheet

SmarTrac I/S Specifications

I/S 60

Metric English
Maximum cutting width 63.5 cm 25 in
Minimum media width 7.6 cm 3 in
Maximum media width 71 cm 28 in
Maximum down-force 500g
Maximum cutting speed 42.0 ips (1066 mm/s)
Multi-tool jaw Holds markers, pens, engravers, pounce tools up to 7/8 in (22.5 mm) in diameter
Height 41 cm 16 in
Width 109 cm 43 in
Depth 33 cm 13 in
Weight 21 kg 47 lb
Media 3M 9600 reflective, vinyl, sandblast, rubylith, flock, stencil, reflectives, etc.
Stand Includes table top cradle, floor stand sold separately
Connectivity Connects to PC via serial or USB port
Drive High-speed digital servo
Built-in test cut Standard; Front-panel control
Buffer 1 MB
Power requirements Universal power supply
90–264VAC, 47–66 Hz
(Meets CE specifications)
File Format Languages Compatible with graphics software using HP/GL, DM/PL or DXF format


101 Software (Included with SmarTrac)
Operating system Windows® 7, 8.1 or 10
Editing capabilities
  • On-screen visualization
  • Mirror imaging
  • .PLT and .DXF import filters
  • Step and repeat function
Design software compatibility
  • Adobe Illustrator®
  • CorelDraw!®
  • CoCut®
  • Draw!Mate®
  • Ioline 401 Software®
  • Easysign®
  • Flexi-Sign® 7.6
  • Onyx®
  • Signlab®
  • Signwizard®

What’s in the box?

SmarTrac I/S 60  
SmarTrac driveshaft technology
Media cradle starter kit
Multi-tool jaw
One 45-degree blade
Bladesaver cutting surface
Built-in auto loop frame advance
Universal global power supply
USB cable
101 cut management software
Ioline Control Center software


SmarTrac Sign Cutter replacement blades and accessories.

  • Blades
  • Accessories


In their own words

Sign cutter owners and service reps describe their experiences with Ioline’s I/S and SC product lines

It’s really nice being able to use a Sharpie® pen for pen plots. We have two 49 in SmarTracs. We purchased another brand and we didn’t like it. We sent those back and got the SmarTracs and we really like them.

Newcastle, Penn   

I know I am a computer dummy, but you didn’t make me feel that way. Thank you for your personable brand of customer support.


We have had Iolines for the past 22 years and have had very good performance.

Bottineau, ND   

In my three and a half years of working with Ioline… I have only returned one unit for replacement and that was taken care of without a hitch and within less than one week.

The support staff at corporate is pleasant and professional. They make you feel like your problem is their top priority. Everybody I deal with at Ioline has that very same attitude.

The simplicity of the machine is its best selling point. As a dealer, this makes it easy to install and train.

I personally own a [SmarTrac] I/S-85, which I use for cutting sandblast mask exclusively. I have used it for two years without a problem. I can’t say enough about the people and the machine.

Buffalo, N.Y.   

I have been making signs for over 25 years and have been using an Ioline sign plotter for over seven years.

The sign business can be very gratifying. I love it when people let me know that they love their signs. That is why I though you people at Ioline should know that you are doing a great job and making a great product.

I purchased my Ioline at the same time that I purchased my Mimaki printer. I was offered a deal with the Mimaki cutter as a combo. I turned down their offer and insisted to them that I wanted the new Ioline SmarTrac Contour to go with my Mimaki printer. I think it kind of threw them off a little, but after using an Ioline for the last seven years, I didn’t want any less for my own business.

Like I expected, I am very happy with the quality and performance of my Ioline.
The plotter is very basic and unlike most others, it doesn’t try to do your thinking for you. The contour cutting is state of the art, but doesn’t require any learning curve. As a result, there is very little chance of destroying good prints while one is trying to figure out how to contour cut.

Thank you and keep up the great work.

New Market, AL   

Ioline’s SmarTrac™ allows for unattended operation… and tips the workhorse scale. Versatile. Fast around curves. The performance-based system is quick and accurate. Complete a variety of … tasks easily and effectively. Because of its versatility, the Ioline cutter can handle a number of media types… and easily feeds and cuts very long runs.

May 1999   

I never realized how fast a plotter could be. We do a lot of long jobs [with the Ioline cutter] and are happy with the tracking.

Homer City, Pa.   

You people must feel like the “Maytag Repairman”.

I called you three years ago when I bought my Ioline SmarTrac Contour and told you how much I was impressed by it.

Well, three years and many rolls of vinyl material cut and contour cut prints later, I just want to tell you again that I am just as impressed with the performance of my Ioline SmarTrac Contour today as I was when I cut my first jobs after unpacking it. It continues to perform with super precision, accuracy and dependability.

After three years, I can still highly recommend this plotter to anyone.

New Market, AL   

We’ve been a loyal ioline vinyl plotter user since the very first Signature 5000 vinyl cutter came out in 1993 or so. I was drawn to the Ioline plotter with the pressure-fed tracking system.

I now can say after over 15 years of using ioline plotters—and now the new Smart Trac—that the tracking systems on these plotters work great! I can run six or eight foot runs and the tracking seems to come out perfect every time. The keyboard is easy to use and very simple to understand.

The technical support that Ioline provides is worth almost as much as the machine itself. I can’t afford to have my machine down for repairs every time I turn around. For the money and the quality, I would not hesitate to buy another Ioline. My new Smartrac has performed excellent and does everything that I have expected of it as a vinyl sign cutter and more.

Thank You Ioline—You have made my business!

Bainbridge Island, Wash.   

I have had an Ioline for more than 10 years and I am satisfied with it. It (the plotter) has fed me and my family. (literal translation from Portuguese)