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FlexJet EX-II

“Plotted over a million yards on the FlexJet requiring zero service expense. Print quality, speed and operating cost better than Gerber. Gerber maintenance cost $225 per month and the paper advance is slow.”

—G & M
(Dallas, Texas)

“No other plotter offers this combination of features, speed, reliability and operating costs.”

— Wayne Peine
G&M Services
(Dallas, Texas)

“I have always loved my Ioline plotters, they are great machines and have given us next to no trouble. I am one of the biggest PAD users in NZ so my big plotter goes constantly non stop every day.”

— Sue Bailey
Pattern Potentials
(Morrinsville, New Zealand)

“I’ve worked on Gerber® units for 15 years and have never seen a plotter more reliable or easier to use than the Ioline FlexJet E™.”

— Kevin Pusch
(Los Angeles, Calif.)

“The FlexJet E™ is the best imported marker inkjet.”

— Xia Wenhua
Legend Technology Development Co., LTD
(Guangzhou, China)

“I was extremely disappointed with my first inkjet brand purchase. The Ioline FlexJet E™ is like night and day. There’s no comparison. The return on investment is tremendous.”

— Luis Fernando Jaramillo
Soluciones Automatizadas, S.A.
(Medellin, Colombia)

“I replaced my Gerber® plotter with an Ioline FlexJet E™ 2-head. Now, I have no more overnight plotting. Plotting has never been easier.”

— Mark Gallegos
Absolute Apparel Service
(Los Angeles, Calif.)

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Built for a competitive marketplace, the Ioline FlexJet™ EX-II inkjet printer has the lowest operational cost and highest throughput of any plotter in its class and supports paper widths up to 2.2m.


Because the speed of the Ioline FlexJet EX-II is unaffected by plot density, it increases productivity and lowers the cost of producing detailed and heavily annotated markers. Intimate apparel, gloves, even children’s clothing, are printed at speeds up to 210 square meters per hour. Learn more »

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