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FlexJet E

“I’ve worked on Gerber® units for 15 years and have never seen a plotter more reliable or easier to use than the Ioline FlexJet E™.”

— Kevin Pusch
(Los Angeles, Calif.)

“No other plotter offers this combination of features, speed, reliability and operating costs.”

— Wayne Peine
G&M Services
(Dallas, Texas)

“The FlexJet E™ is the best imported marker inkjet.”

— Xia Wenhua
Legend Technology Development Co., LTD
(Guangzhou, China)

“I replaced my Gerber® plotter with an Ioline FlexJet E™ 2-head. Now, I have no more overnight plotting. Plotting has never been easier.”

— Mark Gallegos
Absolute Apparel Service
(Los Angeles, Calif.)

“I have always loved my Ioline plotters, they are great machines and have given us next to no trouble. I am one of the biggest PAD users in NZ so my big plotter goes constantly non stop every day.”

— Sue Bailey
Pattern Potentials
(Morrinsville, New Zealand)

“I was extremely disappointed with my first inkjet brand purchase. The Ioline FlexJet E™ is like night and day. There’s no comparison. The return on investment is tremendous.”

— Luis Fernando Jaramillo
Soluciones Automatizadas, S.A.
(Medellin, Colombia)

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#1 Highest Customer Rated Plotter

If you need to create intricate or highly-annotated markers, there is no faster--or more economical--inkjet than the Ioline FlexJet™ E.


Through a ground-breaking feat of engineering, the FlexJet E produces 300-600 dpi line quality, more than double that of other brands, meaning you no longer have to compromise speed or quality. Learn more »

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