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LEASE-TO-OWN your CrystalPress, as little as $150/month!*

    Why lease-to-own? Leasing is the fastest growing method for financing equipment in business today. Surveys show 80% of all U.S. businesses lease a portion of their equipment. Growing and new businesses often face the challenge of limited cash flow and the need to continuously add equipment. Leasing puts the needed equipment to work for you without major capital investment and with substantial cash flow advantages.

  • CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT - Low monthly payments and minimal up-front cash outlay.

  • EASY - Less documentation than a bank with a easy one-page application!.

  • FLEXIBILITY - 100% financing of the invoice.

  • START-UP BUSINESS - Offering lease-to-own to new businesses.

  • CUSTOMIZED PAYMENT STRUCTURES - Flexible payment structures such as no payments for 90 days, no money upfront, annual or skip payments, and first 3 payments at $99.*

  • NO BLANKET LIEN - Only the leased equipment is used as collateral. Your personal and business assets remain protected.

  • TAX ADVANTAGES** - Lease payments are usually considered a pre-tax business expense and can often reduce taxes. Equipment leases qualify for the Section 179 deduction.**

  • FIXED PAYMENTS - Unlike financing with your line of credit, lease payments are fixed. No matter what happens with the market in the future, your lease terms are locked in.

  • LINES OF CREDIT REMAIN PROTECTED - Leasing does not impact your credit lines with your bank. Your borrowing power can be reserved for other business needs.

  • COMPETITIVE EDGE - Leasing provides the advantage of using tomorrow's technology today!

*Subject to credit approval. Programs subject to change.
**Consultant your tax advisor to see how equipment leasing affects your tax situation.

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