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"Load the transfer paper, put the stones in the cups and press go. I love my CrystalPress."

- Venessa

"Doing bling for 5 screen printers. It's getting insane here and haven't hit the Christmas rush! This doesn't include massive custom stuff. $$$$$. We will sleep after Christmas, I guess."

- Jan
Designs Sew Fine
Carthage, MO

"I have nothing but good things to say about the product and customer service."

- Larry
Stitch in View

"Love my machine. Really worked it yesterday with 5 sheets of designs with 4975 ss06 /ss10 stones per sheet for a total of 24,875 stones. Took it down a notch today but plan another heavy day tomorrow. Thanks Ioline"

- Carol
Seat Pleasant, MD

"My CrystalPress has been running all day! I'm having a ball making t-shirts!"

- Tanda Stringfellow
Lindsay, TX

"I am very, very happy! The CrystalPress is simple to use and alerts you when there is a problem. Ioline did a great job with this machine."

- Eric Benquet
Korum Services
Miami, FL

"Works great, it’s beautiful."

- Art
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Spec Sheet


CrystalPress Features
  • [+] Design with multiple colors and stone sizes
    • The CrystalPress allows you to use up to 100 different color rhinestones and up to 6 different sizes per design. Each bowl can hold a different color/size and the CrystalStudio software instructs the pick and place tool which stone to use.
  • [+] Intuitive Pick and Place tool

      No missed stones

    • The pick and place tool does not leave the sorter bowl without a rhinestone to place. The sensor in the tool will stay at the bowl looking for a rhinestone until it picks one up.

  • [+] Hardware

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    • Requirements: A Windows based PC running Windows® XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Compatible with x32 and x64 versions.
    • Connectivity: Plugs into a PC just like an office printer via a USB or serial port.

  • [+] Dimensions

      The compact design of the CrystalPress fits in small spaces. Place on a tabletop

    • Footprint: 7 in deep x 44 in wide x 13.5 in tall

  • [+] Consumables

    • Heat transfer paper: Heat transfer paper comes in two sizes; 15.75" x 13.5" (sold in 26 packs) and 15.75" x 31.5" (sold in 10 packs). 50 yrd. rolls are also available.
    • Rhinestones: Rhinestones come in a variety of colors, shapes and price levels. Preciosa Crystals, Ioline Rhinestones and Octagon Rhinestuds are available for purchase from Ioline.
  • [+] Low maintenance
    • No Adjustments: There's relatively little to maintain on the CrystalPress. Simply wipe dust and lint off the machine periodically.
    • Lubrication: No oiling or grease required.

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