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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Overview
    [+] I would like to use rhinestones, but isn't it time consuming?

      At one time, this was true. Now the CrystalPress makes the process automatic. Instead of drilling or cutting stencils and brushing the rhinestones into place, the CrystalPress places your design onto the heat transfer paper in a matter of minutes. Further, Stencil systems can only do one size and one color where the CrystalPress can mix up to 100 colors and sizes in a single design.

  • [+] How does the CrystalPress work?

      The CrystalPress is so easy to use that the user can be creating elaborate designs in a matter of minutes. Once the CrystalPress is hooked up, it can receive a design from its own design software, clip art or CorelDRAW!® or Adobe Illustrator. The machine uses a pick and place tool to grab rhinestones from the sorter bowl and places them on the heat transfer paper in the specified pattern.

      Once the design is complete, it can be taken straight to the heat press to be affixed to a garment. The CrystalPress can create a series of the same design, or create a one of a kind motif in just minutes.

  • Design Capabilities
    [+] Can I create designs with the CrystalStudio software?

      CrystalStudio is not a drawing program. It adds Rhinestones to existing outline-vector designs and instructs the CrystalPress where to place them. You CAN create text graphic designs from any Windows True Type font in CrystalStudio. In order to edit or create entirely custom designs, you will need a vector-based drawing program such as Ioline Design, CorelDRAW!® or Adobe Illustrator®.

  • [+] Do I need to know how to draw to use the CrystalPress?

      Not at all. You could simply purchase a collection of stock designs and never have to use a drawing program.

      With some very basic instruction, though, you can quickly learn how to modify existing designs in CorelDraw!® or another program. For instance, to change a font or add a tail.

      Many newbies have learned how to tweak art and create custom designs with great success. Drawing programs can seem complex, but fortunately, you really only need to know about 20% of the program to get it to do what you need. We'd encourage you to get your feet wet and learn some drawing basics, as it is a skill that can help you gain more control over lead time and expenses, not to mention influence customer satisfaction.

      There are some free training tools on the Web and numerous third-party professional training classes available. Because so many drawing programs are used with the CrystalPress, we do not offer training on third-party software. However, if you'd like help finding a class, please contact Ioline Sales.

  • [+] How many colors/sizes of stones can it use at once?

      The CrystalPress system is setup to change colors/sizes after printing layers so a motif can have up to 100 colors/sizes on a single transfer sheet. This is accomplished by a unique partnership between the CrystalStudio software, which manages a maximum of 100 layers, and the CrystalPress that has two sorter bowls, each holding one size/color at a time. It only takes ~20 seconds to change to a new color and/or size when printing with more than two colors or sizes.

  • [+] What consumables are used with the system?

      The CrystalPress uses sticky heat transfer paper and rhinestones.

      The sticky paper is where the rhinestone design is placed, you can take the paper straight from the CrystalPress to the Heat Press.

      Rhinestones can be purchased directly from Ioline by calling 1.800.598.0029 or through a variety of other sources. They come in differing degrees of quality and brilliance. Ioline recommends that you research the rhinestones that best fit your design needs and confirm they are compatible with the CrystalPress before purchasing.

  • Hardware, installation & warranty
    [+] What are the hardware and electrical requirements?

      The CrystalPress runs on a PC running Windows® 2000, XP, Vista®, or Win 7.

      In terms of electrical requirements, the CrystalPress needs about the same amount of power as an office printer.

  • [+] What's involved with installing the CrystalPress?

      Installation is nearly identical to that of an office printer. The CrystalPress sits on a table and plugs into the PC via a serial or USB cable. Install the CrystalStudio Software that comes with the cutter, and you're ready to make motifs.

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