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Frequently Asked Questions
  • [+] If the 100 System cuts twill, why would I need a 300 or 350HF System?

      While the roll-fed 100 System is designed to cut light-weight materials (such as vinyl and heat-transfer), the flatbed 300 and 350HF Systems can handle thicker, denser materials that are tougher to cut.

      If you plan to cut primarily heat-transfer material, vinyl and the occasional piece of twill, the 100 System may be ideal for your needs. However, if you are in the business of doing team uniforms, twill or other specialty corporate or promotional products, you will likely be disatisfied with a roll-fed cutter and would want a 300 or 350HF System.

      It all comes down to workflow, production efficiency and cost. Roll-fed cutters are not designed for dense materials nor volume twill production. They also lack digitizing software for creating embroidery sew disks, which can run several thousand or more dollars. The 300 and 350HF both come with Ioline's 301 Software for creating sew disks. In addition, roll-fed cutters lack the ability to kiss-cut graphics. In terms of production time and embroidery set-up, kiss-cutting is a huge time-saver.

      The blades on roll-fed cutters dull faster and must be replaced more often when cutting twill. And you must purchase twill with a backing that's stiff enough to feed through the drive shaft. Backed twill or "CAD-cut" material is more expensive and is offered in a limited number of colors. This can create a problem when matching team colors.

      The 300 and 350HF Systems are designed for much higher volume twill production. They both cut unbacked twill—offering a significant savings in material costs—and have the flexibility to cut a wider range of materials, such as heat-transfer, vinyl, cottons, sequin stretch, leather, fleece, etc. The high-force ("HF") 350HF System can handle thick leather, chenille, industrial and other dense materials as well. In that respect, either system can help you break into niche markets and grow your business.

  • [+] How does the 350HF System work?

      The 350HF System includes a cutter and an easy-to-use digitizing program-301 Software-that provides basic stitch editing and sew disk functionality for generating placement and outline stitches. It is not a drawing program. And it does not do fill stitches. But, it works with industry-standard drawing programs and all major embroidery systems to provide you with the ability to create entirely custom designs. Learn how to create designs in 5 easy steps and watch a demo.

  • [+] How long has the 350HF System been on the market?

      The predecessor to the 350HF System, the Appli-K, was introduced in 1997. We increased the tray size and added productivity-enhancing features and high down-force to the Appli-K System, then re-introduced it as the 350HF System in 1999.

      Ioline was established in 1984 and has over 20 years' experience manufacturing CAD/CAM equipment. Time and again, our systems are cited by industry professionals for their reliability, durability and ease of use.

  • [+] Is it hard to learn? Do you offer training?

      The 350HF System is very easy to learn. Using it is not unlike printing a document, except that you also adjust the blade depth to your material prior to cutting. There's a simple test cut button on the keypad to help you adjust the blade. Then, you import your design, set the margins, specify the number of copies, and send the graphic to the cutter.


      Sew disks are just as simple to create-especially if you're already familiar with embroidery terminology and procedures. First, you specify a placement stitch that will show you exactly where to position the graphic on the garment during sew-down. Then, you set the decorative stitch and width, and export the file to use with your sew software. Fill stitches, if desired, can be applied with your embroidery software.

      Most customers find that the demo video and Quick Start Guide that ships with the 350HF System are all they need to get going. If you find you need a bit of extra guidance, just give our Customer Service team a call. Support is free. We also offer free training in our corporate headquarters in Woodinville, Wash., outside Seattle.

      You can use stock designs with the 350HF System and never have to learn how to use a drawing program. But, to get the most out of your investment, we'd highly recommend that you learn how to make at least basic design changes to stock art using a third-party vector drawing program such as CorelDRAW!®. If you've never used design software, there can be a short learning curve. Although, if you're familiar with editing on your embroidery system, you'll find that you will ramp up quite quickly.

      There are some free training tools on the Web and numerous third-party professional training classes available. Because so many drawing programs are used with the 350HF System, we do not offer training on third-party software. However, if you'd like help finding a class, please contact Ioline Sales.

  • Cutting & Design Capabilities
    [+] What materials does it cut? Does it do vinyl? Chenille? Leather?

      The 350HF System cuts virtually any fabric up to .16 inch (4 mm) thick. That includes vinyl and heat-transfer materials, leather, chenille, soft PVC and other materials.

      If you have any question about the system's ability to handle particular materials, we're happy to test-cut samples prior to purchase. Simply contact Ioline Sales and arrange to submit your materials for testing. This can also help alleviate concerns if you are considering using the system in an industrial application rather than for decorative apparel.

  • [+] Can I create designs with 301 Software?

      301 Software is not a drawing program. It digitizes completed designs to create placement and outline stitches for your embroidery system, and instructs the cutter on how to cut graphics. In order to edit or create entirely custom designs, you will need a vector-based drawing program such as CorelDRAW!® or Adobe Illustrator®.

  • [+] Do I need to know how to draw to use the 350HF System?

      Not at all. You could simply purchase a collection of stock designs that are optimized for appliqué, if you wish, and never have to use a drawing program.

      With some very basic instruction, though, you can quickly learn how to modify existing designs in CorelDraw!® or another program. For instance, to change a font or add a tail.

      Many newbies have learned how to tweak art and create custom designs with great success. If you have a comfort level with embroidery software, Windows® and a mouse, you should pick up the design basics quickly.

      Drawing programs can seem complex, but fortunately, you really only need to know about 20% of the program to get it to do what you need. We'd encourage you to get your feet wet and learn some drawing basics, as it is a skill that can help you gain more control over lead time and expenses, not to mention influence customer satisfaction.

      There are some free training tools on the Web and numerous third-party professional training classes available. Because so many drawing programs are used with the 350HF System, we do not offer training on third-party software. However, if you'd like help finding a class, please contact Ioline Sales.

  • [+] Does it cut sports letters?

      Yes. Any design you can create or import from a stock design, the 350HF System can cut out of heat-transfer, twill, chenille, scrim felt, or a variety of other materials.

  • [+] How does the sew disk work? What does it do?

      If you've ever ordered cut graphics and a sew disk from a service bureau, you know how expensive it can be. The 350HF System eliminates these costs and the 2-week lead time. With the 350HF, you can create sew instructions in seconds.

      The sew disk creates highly accurate instructions for your embroidery system, telling it where and how to stitch the appliqué graphic. Within 301 Software-the digitizing and production software that comes with the 350HF System-you specify a placement stitch (which shows you where to place the cut graphic on the garment) and the type of decorative outline stitches you desire (e.g. zigzag, tack-down, satin or bean stitches). You can also specify stitch width, and reduce trims and color changes.

      301 Software then creates a file that you import into your embroidery software. If desired, you can further edit the stitches in your sew software.

  • Maintenance & consummables
    [+] What's involved with maintaining the 350HF System?

      The 350HF System is nearly maintenance-free. There's no lubrication nor periodic adjustments required. Simply keep it clean. And, never use adhesive spray near the machine, as it can penetrate and clog the drive assembly.

  • [+] How long does a blade last?

      This, of course, depends upon the types of materials that you cut. As a guideline, figure on 4,000 3-inch twill letters per blade or $.0037/letter.

  • [+] How long do the adhesive (sticky) sheets last?

      For twill, you can cut about 4,000 3-inch letters, using both sides of the sticky sheet. That works out to about $.0032/letter. For materials with heavy nap, such as felt, fibers can be washed off with warm, soapy water to help extend the life of the sheet.

  • [+] What's involved with installing the 350HF System?

      Installation is nearly identical to that of an office printer. The 350HF System sits on a table and plugs into the PC via a serial or USB cable. Install the 301 Software that comes with the cutter, and you're done.

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