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300 System

"This is our 3rd Ioline 300. Our daily operations rely on these machines to flow smoothly. Immediate access to tech support and replacement parts that Ioline offers is top notch."

- Jeffrey Spencer
JL Custom Jackets
(Moreno Valley, CA)

"I have owned my Ioline for about 3 years. The Ioline works great for me and was one of the best business investments I have made. I figure it paid for itself in about 6 months."

- Kay Riley
Sportacular, Inc.

"I love my appliqué cutter- It is a little workhorse- Saves me money from buying at Stahl's-- It has really helped profit margins."

- Sue Warrick
Desert Strings Embroidery
(Pahrump, Nevada)

"I make more money with the Ioline than with my embroidery machine. I cut the design and slap it on while people wait. They love that I can do whatever they want."

- Leah Bartoiny
Gym T'z
(Tulsa, Okla.)

"We have had our Ioline for a little over a year now and just love it. It was one of the best purchases we have made."

- Donna & Gordon McCauley
Sew Artistic
(Glens Falls, N.Y.)

"The Ioline has sure been effective in creating excitement in appliqué and tackle twill—seeing is believing.

I purchased the Ioline system because I wanted to be able to cut my own appliqué. I wanted more control after one company wasted most of my $30/yd. fabric."

- Diane Fortin
D.F. Custom Embroidery
(Weare, N.H.)

"The cutter is of excellent quality and it's allowing me to provide a unique product in my area ."

-George Merjavec
Acme Imprinted Apparel
(Kingston, Ontario)

"Cut our delivery time from one week, to hours."

- Brian Grinde
(Rocky Mount, Va.)

"It's paid for itself with the savings in dies."

- Nick Wohlfarth
Turtle Creek Sportswear
(Pittsburgh, Pa.)

"We've eliminated the time spent waiting for pieces cut by an outside supplier, enabling us to get jobs others have to turn down."

- Pat Grady
Special Effects Embroidery
(Rockwall, Texas)

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300 System for cutting appliqué designs and sports lettering and numbers



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Cut graphics quickly easily profitably

More decorative apparel, embroiderers and promotional products companies use the Ioline 300 System to cut sports letters and appliqué graphics than any other cutting system. Companies large and small report that after putting a 300 in their workroom, production time decreases, lead time drops and output jumps - sometimes doubling or more.

Oak Tree Embroidery's story »

Maximize your profit

At a certain point in the business growth cycle, the convenience of sourcing pre-cut letters and graphics from a service bureau is undercut by materials costs and the lack of operational control.

A number of factors determine whether and when to bring the process in-house:

  • Limited selection
  • Long lead times
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention
  • Quality control
  • Waste
  • Customization surcharges
  • Left-over inventory
  • The high cost of short runs
Get more control
» Stretch your artistic genius
» Create money-making designs
» Increase output
» Work more efficiently
» Stop paying for sew disks
» Build customer loyalty
» Compare the 300 to other cutters
» Is the 300 System right for you?

As you study ways to streamline your operation, you'll no doubt consider how to increase output. If you can produce more in less time with the same or minimal investment in labor, equipment and resources, your margins grow.

The Ioline 300 System offers the ideal solution. It helps cut costs and boost profit. And unlike other cutting solutions, this tabletop cutter fits easily into your work space and budget.

"I make more money with the Ioline 300 than with my embroidery machine. I cut the design and slap it on while people wait. They love that I can do whatever they want."

Leah Bartoiny
Gym T'z

Easy to install and learn, you can be up and running in under an hour.

The 300 System produces both heat-transfer and embroidered appliqué designs and stitch files at a cost of pennies per piece. It cuts a wide variety of materials, giving you the flexibility to source fabric from the corner craft store in a pinch.

So, the next time the home soccer team brings on a left wing mid-season, don't get caught short on letter "E"s. Use the 300 System to create a jersey on the spot. The team, the fans and families will long remember your last-minute save.

Stretch your artistic genius

If you're like the typical Ioline 300 owner, you chose this business because you enjoy creative work. The 300 System gives you greater artistic license—and frees you to offer designs not found in your service bureau's or competitors' catalogues.

appliqued designs, spotted print fabric, 300 system

Use the 300 System to cut graphics from materials ranging from heat-transfer film to twill, cotton, denim, ultrasuede®, thin leather and other fabrics. The possible combinations of color, pattern and texture are limited only by your imagination. As you begin to use the system, design ideas just start pouring out.

Stand apart from the crowd

Try a spotted-print fabric for the cheetah on your cilent's team spiritwear. Cut reflective letters for safety apparel, make vinyl signs or stencils and expand into new markets. Add a touch of plaid to resortwear—and a premium to the price; Appliquéd designs carry a higher perceived market value.

Lower stitch count

Embroidery looks beautiful on finished goods, but it's expensive in terms of production time. Appliqué not only complements embroidery, it improves your margins by replacing stitches with fabric, freeing your embroidery machines to work on other jobs.

Save time

Not only do you save time by reducing stitches, designs can be created as kiss-cut graphics. Multiple layers are cut sequentially as a single graphic to simplify the process of sewing or pressing multiple pieces onto a finished good. A pressure-sensitive or adhesive backing on the top layers keeps the kiss-cut together until it is fixed in place. The Ioline 300 System can create kiss-cuts up to 9 layers deep of twill.

Stop paying for embroidery sew disks

You don't need to be an artist to use the 300 System. The cutter comes with a simple digitizing tool that creates sew disks from stock art optimized for appliqué (watch a demo).

301 Software is easy to learn and requires minimal training. Import your appliqué-ready art into 301 Software, cut the graphic and create stitch outline files for a variety of embroidery systems. You can complete finished goods in just 5 easy steps.

Download a free trial version of the 301 Software.

The 300 System also works with vector drawing programs such as CorelDraw!®, Adobe® Illustrator®, and embroidery software. So you can modify your favorite stock art, add a tail, or create custom designs before digitizing the art in 301 Software. If you've never used a drawing program before, don't worry: you'll only need to learn about 20% of the features in the program to optimize designs for appliqué.

Build customer loyalty

You won't be the only one that delights over the 300 System: your clients will love the end result, too. They'll like the shorter lead times and the fact that you can create unique designs

"We do a lot of shirts with big 6 to 7 inch round bowling balls. Embroidery adds a lot of stitches. The 300 System lowers the stitch count and adds interest to the shirt. It also saves time doing embroidery."

Toby Karlquist
K.K. Paddywhacks


just for them. Then, in a span of a few minutes - and at little cost to your business - you can demonstrate how a shirt would look with satin letters instead of flock. It's amazing how a sample can influence impulse buys and attract new business.

Your customers will also find your appliquéd designs more comfortable to wear. Imagine how stiff a large, fully stitched bowling ball can fee on the front of a jersey. Appliqué moves and bends more naturally.

It also enables you to create embroidered designs on tough-to-stitch knits and other fabrics. Better yet, it sews out in as much as half the time, saving you potentially thousands of stitches and valuable production time on each design—all of which translates into more profit.

The clear choice for in-house production
of appliqué and sports letters

"Enables embroiderers to work up to 15 times faster... and expand their customer base because they are able to deliver orders more quickly."

Embroidery Business News Magazine


The 300 System's small footprint and ease of installation make it an ideal solution for cutting in-house graphics. Compared to other cutting systems, it offers the best combination of profit potential and versatility at the lowest cost.

How can the 300 System help you?

To evaluate whether an Ioline 300 System can help your business, consider the following:

  • LOST PROFIT: If you pay a service bureau more than $138 per month for pre-cut letters or graphics, you're losing profit. (Compare costs »)
  • LEAD TIME: When your suppliers can't deliver materials in time, do you lose orders and/or clients?
  • HIGH MARGINS: If you don't use appliqué on embroidered designs, you could be missing out on as much as 50% or more of your potential profit.)
  • PRODUCTION TIME: For every fully stitched design you produce—had you used appliqué—you could have spent as much as half the time stitching another profit-generating job. (View the time savings »)
  • WASTE: How often does your service bureau misinterpret your instructions or waste yardage when cutting custom designs?
  • IMPULSE SALES: Few customers can visualize finished designs. How many new jobs could you earn if you could quickly create inexpensive samples on the spot?
  • EXCESS INVENTORY: Do you often have leftover letters and numbers because you had to order pre-cut multiples you didn't need?
  • MARKET DIFFERENTIATION: Can you offer unique, affordable designs that aren't easily found across town?
  • OVER CAPACITY: Does stitch time limit the number of jobs you can do in a day?
  • DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMERS: Do your customers ask for faster turn-around, then cringe when you tell them the estimated additional cost? Or ask for design modifications that you are unable to provide?
  • LOST JOBS: Do suppliers' minimum order policies force you to set minimums? Do you lose smaller jobs because your customers can't afford or justify the price?

The Ioline 300 System could be
the best business investment you ever make.

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