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100 system, roll feed, cutter for graphics, Sports Lettering



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Gain more control over your business.

The Ioline 100 System features the SmarTrac® tracking system and a more powerful servo motor than other brands to ensure accurate tracking and continual operation.

  • [+] Cuts a variety of roll-fed materials

      The 100 System cuts roll-fed materials as small as 7 inches on up to a full 25 inches in width.

      Cut a variety of roll-fed materials, gorilla grip, heat transfer,Heat-transfer, Thermo-FILM, Thermo-FLOCK, Thermo-GRIP
    • 3M® reflectives
    • Gorilla Grip®
    • Heat-transfer film: Thermo-FILM®, Thermo-FLOCK®, Thermo-GRIP®
    • Holographics
    • Vinyl: sign, marine grade, calendar, high-performance
    • Window-tinting film

    • Flatbed appliqué and sports lettering cutters

      Flatbed appliqué cutters

      "I LOVE my Ioline. The cut twill numbers make me the most money of anything that I do."
      -Angela Freeman, Blueline Jerseys

      If you're in the business of team uniforms or other twill products, we suggest you check out Ioline's flatbed appliqué cutters. The 300 and 350HF Systems are designed for volume twill cutting and include 301 Software for creating sew disks. There's no easier way to do sports letters and appliqué. Learn more about the 300 System and the high-force 350HF System.

      SmarTrac high-performance sign cutters
      High-performance sign cutters

      "Tips the workhorse scale."
      -Signs of the Times

      Cut media as thin as paper to materials as dense as sandblast mask. The SmarTrac I/S is offered in a variety of cut widths, starting at 25 inches (63 cm) and ranging up to a full 6 feet (182 cm). Built in the U.S.A. with durable metal parts, SmarTrac sign cutters set an unparalleled standard for reliability. Learn more about the SmarTrac I/S cutters.

  • [+] Media & cutting widths
    • Min. media width: 7.5 in (19 cm).
    • Max. media width: 28 in (71 cm).
    • Min. cutting width: 7 in (17.78 cm).
    • Max. cutting width: 25 in (63.5 cm).

  • [+] Accurate tracking

      First introduced in 1998, Ioline's SmarTrac™ technology set a new performance benchmark in the industry.

      Ioline's SmarTrac, 300 system
    • Specially engineered parallel-pin driveshaft with a proprietary tread pattern provides a powerful grip on all types of media.

  • [+] Intuitive keypad

      No nested LCD menus to slow you down.

      300 system, crystal press, ioline intuative keypad
    • Allows faster setup every time.
    • Test-cut button for rapid blade adustment. Slip in a new type of material, check the blade depth and go.
    • On-the-fly adjustment of force, speed and downforce. No pausing necessary. No LED menu. Just turn the dial.
    • Convenient Repeat Plot button
    • Start/Stop button lets you pause a job for inspection, then resume cutting where you left off.
  • [+] Adjustable pinchwheels

      Obtain excellent tracking and final results on different types of materials.

      Adjustable pinchwheels, excellent tracking
    • Lower the pressure for lighter materials (i.e. paper or some sandblast resists), increase for vinyl to avoid slippage.
    • Reposition pinchwheels to hold scrap material in place.
    • Blade cuts in front of the wheels, permitting you to use remnants as small as 7 inches (17.8 cm) wide.

  • [+] Handy tool tray

      Keep accessories organized.

      Handy tool tray, grooved cover, pens and tools, tool tray
    • Grooved cover provides easy access to pens and tools.

  • [+] Multi-tool jaw

      Expand your design potential.

      [+] 300 system,, 100 system
    • Simple adjustable screw makes it easy to change blades, tools and pens up to 7/8 inch in diameter.
    • Neon-pattern plot with off-the-shelf markers.
    • Check plot with standard ball point pens.
    • Use banner markers to fill in letters (software dependent).

  • [+] Hardware

      300 system programing
    • Requirements: A Windows-based PC running Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.
    • Connectivity: Plugs into a PC just like an office printer-via serial or USB port.

  • [+] 101 Software

      101 software, CorelDRAW, plt, dxf files, queue files
    • Import and Queue files from CorelDRAW!® and other programs
    • Accepts .PLT and .DXF files
    • Set maximum number of copies
    • Cut layers separately

  • [+] Dimensions

      The 100 System's compact design fits small spaces. Place on a tabletop or the optional stand.

      Dimensions, 100 system, footprint, fits small spaces
    • Footprint: 14 in deep x 43 in wide (36 cm x 109 cm).

  • [+] Consummables

      100 system consummables, consumables
    • Blades: Durable, carbon-tip blades assure clean cuts and smooth curves. Blade depth adjusts to handle materials of varying thicknesses.
    • Pens: Just about any office marker or ballpoint pen with a diameter up to 7/8 in (22.5 mm).

  • [+] Low maintenance

      There's relatively little to maintain on the 100 System.

    • Lubrication: No oiling or grease required. Simply wipe dust and lint off the machine periodically.
    • Blades: Use an air gun to remove lint build-up around the blade.

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