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March 23, 2004
For Immediate Release

Ioline celebrates 20th anniversary

WOODINVILLE, Wash.—April marks the twentieth anniversary of the Ioline Corporation. The global manufacturer and supplier of apparel plotters, appliqué cutting systems and sign cutters was founded in 1984 with a single mission of providing affordably priced open-architecture plotters to the graphic arts and architectural industries. Within just a few years, the company expanded its product lines to address the needs of the apparel manufacturing, apparel decoration and sign cutting industries.

“Over the past two decades, we’ve refined and perfected our plotter technology to the point that it is the most durable and reliable in the industry,” said Ioline CEO Frank Schimicci. Such commitment to quality and design excellence has earned the company a reputation as a manufacturer of affordable, easy-to-use, industrial-strength products with long life cycles and a high return on investment. “Ioline is the only plotter manufacturer to offer life-time free support. We can do this because all our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. with high-quality components and metal parts.”

In 1996, Ioline was nominated for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Recognized by its employees as a best place to work, Ioline fosters an environment of open communication and distributed management that translates into responsive service, high customer satisfaction, and low turn-over.

“One-third of our employees have worked for the firm for ten or more years,” noted Schimicci. “Customers know our Customer Service staff on a first name basis. Our crew is highly trained and focussed on helping customers keep their operations running. When a company needs accessories or parts, 99.7% of the time we ship their order the same day.”

“Ioline products are easy to maintain and user-serviceable.” Schimicci said, “so our customers aren’t placed at the mercy of a technician’s time schedule. Our machines make use of off-the-shelf accessories whereever feasible to make restocking as convenient and inexpensive as possible.

A prime example of this is Ioline’s new high-speed, wide-format marker inkjet printer, the FlexJet, which uses standard HP® inkjet cartridges. Schimicci notes that the FlexJet can also increase throughput as customers operations grow.

“The FlexJet is a prime example of Ioline ingenuity at work. We took an existing technology, studied how to make it faster, more reliable, less expensive to operate and more convenient, and developed leading edge technology that makes the FlexJet the only speed-upgradeable inkjet in its class. Ioline applies this same approach to every product we make. For twenty years, we have been singularly focussed on helping our customers maximize profitability. We look forward to doing the same for the next twenty years.”

About Ioline
Founded in 1984, Ioline ( is the world’s largest manufacturer of open-architecture apparel plotters and appliqué systems, and the largest domestic manufacturer of sign cutting equipment. The company’s world headquarters are located in Woodinville, Wash., U.S.A. Regional offices, dealers and distributors serve customers in more than 50 countries.

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