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Ioline FlexJet inkjet printer

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April 14, 2003
For Immediate Release

Ioline’s new FlexJet inkjet:
Groundbreaking price and performance

WOODINVILLE, Wash.—Ioline Corp. today introduced the first upgradeable high-speed, wide-format inkjet printer designed specifically for the intricate marker-making needs of apparel manufacturers.

This open-architecture, maintenance-free printer works with any CAD system and helps clients optimize cutting room operations with throughput that is up to two times faster than any other marker inkjet: up to 200 m2 (240 yd2) per hour at high resolution. The FlexJet—so named for its flexible, field-upgradeable capabilities—is distinguished by its high-caliber components and superior line quality yet, remarkably, Ioline is offering the inkjet at up to 66% less than competing brands.

“Customers and dealers told us they couldn’t find an inkjet that was fast, reliable and affordable,” Ioline President Frank Schimicci said. “We designed the FlexJet to meet their needs, with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.”

Schimicci said Ioline was able to competitively price the FlexJet thanks to ingenious engineering and manufacturing that also makes the machine easier to operate and maintain while improving quality. The company has used the same core design on its highly respected pen plotters and cutters for years. Based on historical average service costs for Ioline pen plotters, “projected ten-year service costs for the FlexJet are less than other brands’ 1-year service contracts,” Schimicci noted.

Like other inkjets, the FlexJet prints graphics at a constant speed. Its raster-based technology is unaffected by plot density. Yet Ioline engineers were able to double and quadruple line density—to 300 dpi at low-resolution, 600 dpi at high-resolution—with no impact on speed. A groundbreaking feat of engineering that produces superior line quality with high-speed marker output.

The FlexJet is the only field-upgradeable inkjet in its class. Manufacturers can purchase the high-speed FJ50-60 model, then upgrade speed up to fourfold as demand for throughput increases. New software features are only a click away; updates can be installed from CD-ROM or over the Internet.

Wayne Peine, owner of G&M Services in Dallas, believes the ability to upgrade without having to trade up to another machine is appealing. “I can see where the idea of buying a plotter and being able to increase speed at some time in the future is important,” he said. The FlexJet uses off-the-shelf consumables: standard HP inkjet cartridges whose lives can be extended up to threefold with an ink replacement kit. Another major benefit: less downtime and lower service costs over the life of the machine because in-house staff can service it, eliminating hours of lost time and thousands of dollars in parts and labor over other brands.

“We’d be doing our customers a disservice if our machines required frequent maintenance or considerable service time,” said Kevin Reed, Ioline engineering manager. “The FlexJet is designed for minimum downtime and end-user serviceability. There’s no periodic maintenance other than keeping it clean.”

Reliability is achieved through the use of durable metal parts and carefully engineered components. For instance, the FlexJet's unique low-friction carriage requires no adjustment, unlike designs that rely on glide strips and rubbing blocks. The self-contained digital servo print motor, along with Ioline’s proven SmarTrac technology, guarantee continuous, accurate tracking with no scan gaps.

Despite the sophisticated design behind the machine, the FlexJet is uncomplicated. The machine can be made connection-ready in less than an hour. Its intuitive symbolic keypad eliminates tedious navigation menus, making learning a snap. The FlexJet plots up to 600 yards unattended at full width (72 in / 183 cm). The front floor feed design enables a single operator to load paper, while the motorized, ergonomically positioned, waist-height paper take-up reel eases off-loading.

Disappointed that they couldn’t find a reliable inkjet with the features they most desired, Schmicci said that numerous customers asked Ioline to develop one. Several, including Peine at G&M Services, agreed to beta test the FlexJet. “There’s no other plotter on the market today that offers this combination of features, speed, reliability and operating costs,” he said.

The FlexJet will make its first European public appearance at the IMB show in Cologne, Germany from May 6 to 10. It will be on display at the Polytropon booth (Hall 9.2, booth C-051), with the PolyPattern CAD system for pattern design, grading, marking, and auto-marking.

About Ioline
Founded in 1984, Ioline ( is the world’s largest manufacturer of open-architecture apparel plotters and appliqué systems, and the largest domestic manufacturer of sign cutting equipment. The company’s world headquarters are located in Woodinville, Wash., U.S.A. Regional offices, dealers and distributors serve customers in more than 50 countries.

About Polytropon
Since its foundation in 1990, Polytropon Automation Systems ( has specialized in automating design and production for the apparel, sewn goods, and textile industries. Polytropon has developed two main software products. PolyPattern is a flexible, easy-to-use, full-featured CAD system for pattern design, grading, and marker making. PolyOrganize is a work-flow driven web-enabled Product Information Management (PIM) system. Both systems run under both MacOS and Windows operating systems. Polytropon’s corporate offices are located in Thessaloniki, Greece. For more information, contact Leslie Riley at +30 (2310) 278178 or

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