The Ioline Difference

What’s the cost to your business if your equipment goes down?

It’s a sad fact that many companies become Ioline customers after experiencing problems with other brands. A poor choice in equipment can run thousands of dollars more than the initial sticker price in terms of disruption to a production schedule, charges for service technicians and replacement parts, idle labor and lost business.

At Ioline, we know we’re only as successful as our customers. That’s why our engineers take pains to design cost- and time-saving features into our CAD/CAM products. The superior-quality components, durable metal parts and careful engineering all combine to create products that last 2 to 5 times longer when compared to other brands.

It pays to shop smart and find out the long-term ownership costs before you buy. Your business may depend upon it.

Look for evidence of quality construction and low-maintenance design. Probe to determine the manufacturer’s true commitment to its customers. Is the manufacturer likely to still be in business next year? In ten years? For how long does the manufacturer support its products after they’ve been replaced? Do you have to pay for better levels of service? Are you forced to pay for a yearly service contract? Does the manufacturer have spare parts requirements? How long does it take to get replacement parts or consumables? Can you afford that downtime? Is ink easy to find locally, or proprietary and only available from the manufacturer? Does the manufacturer appear to use planned obsolescence to force you to periodically upgrade or replace your equipment?

With Ioline, you can save up to $28,000 on service over the life of a plotter and up to 90% on ink costs. Our appliqué cutters are as easy to install as a printer and require no costly building modifications nor periodic servicing and parts. And our sign cutters are renowned for their reliability. Signs of the Times magazine recognized our SmarTrac sign cutter as a “versatile workhorse.”