Recycling Electronic Waste

Many older Ioline products were produced in an era when lead solder was used in electronic assemblies. While modern Ioline products do not include lead, please properly dispose of all Ioline products in a manner that prevents them from ending up in landfills as this can lead to groundwater contamination and other stresses on the environment.

To find an electronic recycling location near you, visit the EPA Electronics Donation and Recycling website or search for "electronic recycling near me".

Alternatively, Ioline will accept and properly recycle all equipment it has produced at no charge (does not include return shipping).

If you wish to send old Ioline equipment or components back to Ioline, please contact Ioline Customer Service with the online support request form or by calling 1-425-398-8282 during support hours: Monday – Friday from 8 am to 4 pm, (Pacific Time, U.S.A.)

Include the words "I need help to recycle Ioline equipment" in the message section or when speaking to an Ioline associate.