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Ioline machines are sold direct and through a world-wide network of specialized dealers and distributors.

Please use this form to get Ioline products information by email or call toll free at 1.800.598.0029 for sales inquires or 1.425.398.8282 for vinyl cutter support during business hours: Monday-Friday, 7 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, USA. For email inquires, an Ioline Sales representative will reply back to you as soon as possible. Responses can take up to two business days. Learn about lease options for purchases on the Ioline Financing page.

For information about purchasing an Ioline FlexJet in Asia, please contact a dealer in your region from the Ioline Asian dealer list.

Ioline accessories & consumables are available anytime by visiting the Ioline Ecommerce store at

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Ioline is considered a critical infrastructure manufacturer and will remain open during the Washington state lock down. Hours are M-F, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. PT. Shipments may take longer than normal to process. Phone support is very limited due to reduced staff hours so please email for help during this time. Check back here for status updates.